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What are the Different Types of Keys a Locksmith Uses?

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a DIYer, understanding the different types of keys that locksmiths use is important. Having an idea of which type of key needed can help you make informed decisions to choosing the right locksmith. At Boston Locksmith, we have a variety of keys described in this blog. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of keys used in the locksmithing industry.

different types of keys

Standard Key System

The standard key system is one of the most common types of keys used by locksmiths today. This type of key is designed with a specific set of pins that are cut in order to match the corresponding grooves on the surface of your lock. These pins fit together like pieces on a puzzle and allow for easy access when trying to open or close your door. The more pins there are in your key, the more secure your lock will be. However, if you lose this type of key, it’s easy to replace as it does not require any special tools.

Restricted Key System

The restricted key system is one that utilizes keys that can only be duplicated by an authorized locksmith. This type of system is typically used in commercial settings. It offers increased security since no unauthorized person can duplicate these keys without proper authorization. This helps protect against theft and other forms of breach. Only those with authorized access will be able to replicate these special keys.

Smart Keys

Smart Keys are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their enhanced security features and convenience. These electronic devices allow users to unlock their doors without having to use traditional mechanical locking systems such as deadbolts or knob sets. Smart Keys usually come with built-in sensors that detect when someone attempts to tamper with them. This will prevent unauthorized people from entering your home or office space. They also provide remote access capabilities so users can easily unlock their doors from anywhere in the world via smartphone apps or Bluetooth connections.

Locksmiths use several different types of keys depending on what kind of security is needed for each particular situation. Standard keys are perfect for residential applications while restricted keys offer enhanced security for businesses where extra protection is necessary. Smart Keys provide convenience and peace-of-mind with their advanced technology features. This includes remote unlocking capabilities, built-in sensors, and tamper proof construction materials. Understanding which type of key works best for you can help you determine which locksmith service provider will be best suited to meet all your needs!

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